Saved (Recorded)

Saved programs are stored in the cloud at the service provider’s remote network location and are available for future enjoyment.

Your service provider may offer saved programming for access by all users and is marked as “Provider”. User-saved content is tagged as “Mine”.

Each user account is allowed a specific maximum number of saved hours, depending upon your subscription plan with your service provider. User-saved (“Mine”) content is counted towards the maximum allotment while Provider content is not.

Saved Programs
DVR Recording Details

How do I save?

“Live” and “Future” programming can be saved by choosing the program and clicking “Record” from the menu.

Recordings successfully set are indicated by a red dot on the Guide. It may take a few minutes for this to appear.

Recordings successfully set are indicated by a red dot on the Guide.

What are my recording options?

  • Record Once
  • Record All Showings – New and repeats are saved
  • Record New Showings Only – Only new episodes are saved

Can I schedule recordings?

Yes! Select any future programming, click Record and choose your desired recording option.

Where can I see my recordings?

The Saved tab will show all recorded programs available to you. These can also be filtered by choosing a category from the “All Saved” drop-down menu.

Where are my recordings saved?

Recordings are saved in the cloud.

What is the difference between “Mine” and “Provider” recordings?

“Mine” are personal recordings that you have set and which count against your subscription plan of maximum storage hours.

“Provider” are recordings made available by your service provider and do not count toward your subscription plan of maximum storage hours.

Please explain the recording status bar at the top of the Saved menu.

Recording Status Bar

There is an allotted amount of storage time available per account, which is determined by your subscription plan with your service provider.

The status bar indicates how many hours of storage have been used, relative to the available hours in your plan.  Your personal recordings (marked “Mine”) are available for a specified time period while the Provider recordings may be for longer/shorter periods at your service provider’s discretion.

e.g. 50 Hrs / 30 days = 50 hours of personal recording storage in which recordings must be viewed within 30 days. Content older than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

To change the total storage hours and days available to watch, contact your service provider for more information.

Help! I’m running out of recording hours!

Check to see if any of your personal recordings are also available from your service provider. If so, these can be deleted to free up space. Alternatively, contact your service provider to inquire about increasing your storage space.

How do I delete recordings?

To delete a single episode, select “Delete Program”. This action cannot be undone.

To delete a series or future recordings the options are:

  • Delete All Current Programs – removes all saved episodes
  • Pause Future Recordings – pauses all future recordings
  • Delete & Stop All Recordings – removes all saved episodes and stops all future recordings

         Note: these actions cannot be undone.

Can I delete Provider recordings?

Provider recordings cannot be deleted and, in any case, these recordings do not count toward your maximum allotted recording hours.

Alternatively, you can focus on your recordings by choosing the “Saved by Me” filter in the Saved tab.

How long are my recordings saved?

Recordings are saved for X-number of days depending on your service plan e.g. 30 days or until deleted, whichever comes first.