The Search function searches the Guide, Saved programs, OnDemand and Online streaming services for matches. Content can be discovered by typing part of the program title, actor name or even a keyword.

Global Search

How are the results listed?

Results are separated into 3 categories: Guide, Saved/OnDemand and Online. Each category can be expanded or collapsed by pressing the “ +/- “ next to each heading.

Click on the search result or icon to be taken directly to the title.

Is there an easy way to find a channel?

Yes, there are 2 ways to look for a channel:

1. Press the Channel Search icon.

Channel Search Toolbar

Enter the name or number used by your service provider.

Channel Search by Name or Number

Clicking on a channel will list upcoming programs.

Channel Search

2. Enter some letters in the text field and the Guide will shorten the listing of search matches accordingly.

Channel Search