Live TV, Saved programming and OnDemand playback can be paused, rewound or fast-forwarded. HDTV programming is streamed with AAC or AC3 surround sound audio-quality.

Live TV also has the ability to play content aired within the last 5 hours. In the Guide, these programs are labeled as “Available”.

What are all the playback options?

  • Start Over/Restart – Watch the program from the beginning
  • Live – Watch the program as it is currently airing
  • Resume – Continue watching from where you left off last time
  • Record – Set recording options for the program

How do I open/close the control panel?

Tap anywhere on the screen to open and close panel. On devices with remote controls, press the “OK” button to open and “Return” to close.

What options are in the control panel?

A. You can Pause, rewind (by 10 sec.) or fast-forward (by 30 sec.)

B. The Home icon will return you to the Guide. The program will continue to play in the top right corner, unless it has been paused.

C. Playback can be skipped ahead/back by tapping anywhere on the progress bar, which also illustrates the playback progress relative to the total duration of the program.

D. Volume levels can be controlled.

E. Closed-captions may be enabled or disabled.

F. You can expand to full-screen viewing.

G. The WiFi signal strength indicator is located in the top-right corner.

What do the blue, grey and dark grey colors mean in the playback indicator?

  • Blue indicates the amount of content that has played
  • Light-grey shows the amount of content that is buffering
  • Dark-grey denotes the entire duration of the program

How do I enable or disable closed-captions?

Closed-captions, if available for a program, may be enabled or disabled by clicking on the “CC” icon.

What do I do if the screen is blank or the video is pausing?

Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection to confirm you are online and have “5-bar throughput” (5-10 Mbps).

Try moving closer to your router or increase the Wi-Fi signal strength/range.