Parental Controls

To ensure a safe viewing environment for the entire family, Parental Controls may be enabled to hide age-inappropriate programming. However, when viewing online content, Parental Controls need to be applied separately on each selected service.

This feature can be enabled or disabled from the Settings menu by creating a 4-digit PIN.

This PIN is used to set ratings limits, hide mature content, control purchases or block channels.

Parental Controls

Do Parental Controls work on all devices?

Yes, however, they have to be enabled and set up on each individual device upon activation.

How are the ratings applied?

When selecting a ratings level, all programming tagged at that level and below, will be allowed.

The ratings system is as follows:

  • All Content Available (G through to TV-MA)
  • Teen (PG-13, TV-14)
  • Kids (TV-Y7, TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG, PG)
  • Young Kids (TV-Y, TV-G, G)

Can content be hidden?

When enabled, some content such as Unrated, Mature or Adult Content can be hidden. This removes poster art from view and requires the PIN to access programming details.

What is “Unrated Content”?

Some programming including news programs or sporting events, may not have a ratings level associated with it. If blocking is enabled, the PIN is required to view it.

Do Parental Controls affect the OnDemand catalogue?

Yes. To unlock programming details, the Parental Controls PIN must be entered.

How do I prevent content from being accidentally purchased?

Enabling “Require PIN for Purchases” prevents titles from accidentally being ordered. This PIN is the same PIN used for Parental Controls.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes. From the Settings menu, click “Change PIN” and follow the instructions.

Help! I’ve lost or forgotten my PIN!

Contact your service provider to have your PIN reset.